Monday, March 29, 2010

Don't put your shirt on it

The Naga jersey looks like all the others, except the colour
Is there a mutiny brewing in the ranks of the Metfone C-League teams after just one weekend of matches? It looks like someone has got a job lot on producing the team jerseys this season with each team wearing identically styled tops, except Preah Khan Reach. Obviously the colours aren't the same but the wet-look design, with chest numbers, the FFC logo on the sleeve and the Metfone banner on the back, are identical though at least two of the players complained to me that the shirt was too tight around the chest, and that it didn't have long sleeves (though why anyone would want long sleeves in 35 degrees in beyond me). Bucking the trend were Preah Khan, who wore their own Nike styled shirts, with sponsors logo, club badge and personalized trim. The new shirts don't carry the players names on the back either, which is a bummer for the media and spectators alike.
Preah Khan Reach, bucking the C-League shirt trend

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