Monday, September 13, 2010

Crown look to the future

I think I'm right in saying that one of only two professional football clubs in Cambodia to have their own website is Phnom Penh Crown FC. And that's just for starters. Over the next few months, Crown are putting in place a series of unique steps that will take the club onto a higher plane as they make concerted efforts to elevate themselves and Cambodian football in general. They are already viewed as the Manchester United of Cambodian football. And this is something they will continue to aspire to in the future. Whilst they focus on their desire to be the best team in the Kingdom, continuing on from winning the Metfone C-League less than a month ago, and to strengthen their image in regional Asean football as well, they also recognise the importance of grooming the future stars of Cambodian football and next Monday will hold a press conference at the Phnom Penh Hotel to announce the beginning of their PPCFC Elite Football Academy. I won't spoil the fun before the press conference itself, but this ground-breaking step forward for Cambodian football is a remarkable development which they believe will be a cornerstone of improving Cambodian football in the long-term. Watch this space for more on Crown's vision of the future. Link: website

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Andy Brouwer said...

Naga Corp are the other team to have their own website. However, Naga's hasn't been updated since 2008 whilst Crown's was last updated at the beginning of the season just completed. This is something that will be changed over the course of the next few months.