Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Get it right

23 is actually Prak Mony Udom and 19 is Sam El Nasa, though the shirts say different
Is it me or is this just plain shoddy? I noticed that when the Cambodian national team players entered the pitch on Sunday for their friendly match against Ulsan University, that two of the players shirts were telling porky-pies. The shirts claimed that numbers 23 and 19 belonged to Nuth Sinoun and Sin Dalin, whereas both players are not even in the current national team squad. In fact, 23 was worn by Prak Mony Udom and 19 by the evergreen Sam El Nasa. I know that in the overall scheme of things it means diddly-squat, but we are talking about the team that represents the country and surely there are even basics that they have to get right. Or not, as the case may be. If you can't get it right, don't even both with the names. I must admit that the day before, Phnom Penh Crown played a practice match and they didn't have either names or numbers on the back of their jerseys. Luckily I know who the players are.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha.You still know the player well even their shirt doesn't show the number and name ?
for me I know some of them but not all.

Andy Brouwer said...

yes I must know them well. But 1 player who began the game against Ulsan I never seen before, so I was very surprised. That is Soy Piseth, who did not play in the C-league last season, and has not been involved with the national team before, so this was the 1st time I have seen him play. So even though they play for national team, I don't know everyone (like you) :-)

Anonymous said...

Andy...Do you think like me that the Khmer FA is shortage of money?..We couldn't even have a proper warm up match in our home soil before went to Laos and fail in the qualification round?...I remember the good old days when teams from China, VN, South Korea and even from the North Korea, come to have a few kicks...

And now we lost 4-1 to a Uni team?...Guys studying with me laugh their ass off...coz that Uni team was beaten my Uni team a few months ago in the so called University League...well..if we can't beat even a batch of students, what can we do? what is going on with our INTERNATIONAL TEAM?