Monday, November 14, 2011

Groin goes pop

PPCFC Academy boys and staff play for fun...and pain!
I experienced the Phnom Penh Crown Academy boys at close quarters yesterday afternoon, as we held a series of friendly matches, with members of the Crown staff allocated to teams of half a dozen Academy boys and playing round-robin matches of twenty minutes each. At 52, being left on your backside by a side-stepping thirteen year old is not good for your ego I can tell you. And then to cap it all, in the final game I stretched for a ball I should've known better to leave alone, and my groin went pop. I hobbled off to leave my team one man short and we lost the final. I couldn't apologise enough. After a BBQ with everyone involved to end the evening, I headed for home, my groin freezing cold from the ice being applied, and vowing to finally call it a day. I should know better than to try and mix it with the stars of Cambodia's footballing future.

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