Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Federation folly

It's all kicking-off today. Not only do we have the Hun Sen Cup dates and the news that Phnom Penh Crown have signed their second French-Khmer import, Boris Kok, but the football federation have also sent through the fixtures for the new Metfone C-League. And blow me down with a feather, they've gone and brought forward the football season by nearly 3 months. Without any consultation with the clubs at all. Just because they can. I am completely non-plussed. The federation treat Cambodian football like its personal plaything, to do with as they please. There has been no statement to anyone as to why the season has been shifted forward, simply that it has, so get on with it. It would be funny if it wasn't so ridiculous. The first half of the new season's campaign will take place between 1 January and 10 March. The second round will then begin 19 March and end of 15 June 2013 with the play-off final. To add another less-than-amusing twist, the midweek games have been shunted forward to Tuesdays, so for the opening match on Tuesday 1 January, Phnom Penh Crown will meet BBU. Work that one out. If that wasn't bad enough, all midweek games will be played at the appalling Army Stadium, which is one of the worst pitches in the country. With the Hun Sen Cup matches taking place between 20 December and 16 February, that means clubs will have overlapping league and cup games crammed into the beginning of their season.

The full fixtures for PPCFC are as follows:
First Round:
Tue 1 Jan BBU - 3pm (@ Army Stadium)
Tue 8 Jan National Police - 3pm (@ Army Stadium)
Sun 20 Jan Naga - 2.30pm
Sun 27 Jan Senate - 4.30pm
Sun 3 Feb Army - 2.30pm
Sat 9 Feb Boeung Ket - 2.30pm
Sat 23 Feb Preah Khan Reach - 2.30pm
Sat 2 Mar AEU - 4.30pm
Sat 9 Mar Kirivong - 4.30pm

Second Round:
Tue 19 Mar BBU - 3pm (@ Army Stadium)
Tue 26 Mar National Police - 3pm (@ Army Stadium)
Sun 7 Apr Naga - 2.30pm
Sun 28 Apr Senate - 4.30pm
Sun 5 May Army - 2.30pm
Sat 11 May Boeung Ket - 2.30pm
Sat 18 May Preah Khan Reach - 2.30pm
Sat 25 May AEU - 4.30pm
Sat 1 Jun Kirivong - 4.30pm
Play-offs begin 8 June. Final on 15 June.


Anonymous said...

Total and utter idiots. I don't know why you bother. Football in this country is a complete farce and not worth being involved with in any capacity. Most of the players are lazy and pampered and the federation is corrupt and unaccountable. Should be left to wither on the vine. Revolting.

Anonymous said...

With recently released players, PPC will have a hard time filling their roster in time for season and cup games. Maybe they'll have to utilize their press officer to help out on the pitch. :)

Andy Brouwer said...

There will be some more new faces announced by PPCFC in a day or two. As for the press officer, he can hardly stand up at his advanced age, let alone run around a football pitch any longer. Maybe he can carry the water bottles, that'll be of some help.