Monday, February 25, 2013

Reporting tilt towards Naga

Hong Pheng (25) leads out Crown against NagaCorp
A footnote to the Phnom Penh Crown versus NagaCorp match is that five of the Naga starting line-up were with Crown last season, namely Chan Dara, Tieng Tiny, San Narith, Sun Sovannrithy and Sun Sopanha. The report of the match in the Phnom Penh Post today was embarrassingly poor. It failed to document Crown's superiority and their penalty miss, or the return to action of Kouch Sokumpheak, and instead focused four of its six paragraphs on Naga's goal, a missed chance and their self-inflicted injuries. Not entirely surprising as the Post reporter sat with the Naga contingent to watch the game.
The NagaCorp starting XI including 5 ex-Crown players from last season

Sam Schweingruber sends his captain to meet the referee

Some of the faces on the Crown substitute's bench

Referee Khuon Virak, who believes players don't have to retreat 10 yards at free-kicks

Coach Sam Schweingruber dicussing tactics with his team

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