Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wrong again

Makara has already played the ball to Suhana (17, center), who's clearly onside
Jekyll and Hyde were at it again this afternoon. Last week's performance against Kirivong had the fans on their feet and the players raring to go. However, against Build Bright United today, much of the zest and spirit was missing and Phnom Penh Crown went down to a 1-nil defeat. I need to see the match video to judge whether Chan Chaya took a tumble deliberately or whether Samrith Seiha did get a touch, which he vehemently denies. What the video does show is that Sos Suhana's goal on 39 minutes was not offside as claimed by the match officials and the photo above proves it. Suhana (17) was clearly onside as the ball makes its way to him from Leng Makara's pass. Once again, the Metfone C-League officials have got it badly wrong. That aside, with regulars missing, Crown were not on the top of their game at any stage, going close in an improved second-half, but it wasn't good enough to get back into the match after BBU took an 11th minute lead from the penalty spot. More from the game later.

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