Friday, December 25, 2015

MCL 2016

The Football Federation confirmed today that the 2016 MCL season will take place from 6 February to 11 September. The champions will be decided under normal league format rules, with first-past-the-post; so play-offs will not be used. The foreigner rule has changed so that each club can sign and play 4 foreign players in a match, but one must be from the AFC region. A 2nd Division will operate from April to June with 6 teams, with an emphasis on youth as 50% of the players must be U-21. Promotion and relegation between the two divisions will be possible. The Hun Sen Cup will be played between February and the end of July, with provincial qualifiers joining the 12 MCL clubs in the second round group stage. From 8-18 January, the Cambodia national team will be in Bangladesh taking part in the 2016 Bangabandhu Cup. 29 players have been named in the provisional squad. This invitation tournament takes place whilst all MCL clubs are in pre-season preparation for the new season.

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