Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hun Sen kick-off

I've heard a couple of start dates for the Hun Sen Cup, the pre-cursor to the Metfone C-League season in Cambodia and also a rumour that the C-League season won't start until May. Then a Chinese news agency of all things confirmed that 36 clubs have put forward their applications to join the cup competition, which will begin on 13 January 2011. It says the prize money for the winners will be $10K. FFC President HE Sao Sokha commented; "The match is sponsored by charities, businessmen, football fans, kind people who love and support the game and people who love Prime Minister Hun Sen" You heard it here first, well 2nd as the Chinese news agency reported it 1st. They are expecting a few more teams to submit entries before the deadline. The holders are the Army, who began last season in a whirlwind, taking the cup with a 3-2 win over Phnom Penh Crown in the final and then going like a train in the league, only to run out of steam and disappoint everyone in the 2nd half of the campaign. Foreign players are not allowed to play in the Hun Sen Cup so its local talent only on show. The early rounds are played in the provinces before the latter stages take place in Phnom Penh. Before and during the Hun Sen Cup, you can expect the Cambodian national team to play some friendly games as they meet Macau, home and away, in the AFC Challenge Cup qualification round, on 9 and 16 February 2011. By the way, their friendly against Indonesia, scheduled for next week, has been cancelled.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Andy I want to comment on your tittle "HUN SEN kick off". HUN SEN is the name of prime minister so he can not kich off. if you say "HUN SEN Cup kick off" is better.

from Neang

Andy Brouwer said...

Hi Neang, yes I appreciate Hun Sen cannot kick-off unless he does it symbolically. Thanks for pointing that out.