Monday, November 29, 2010

Shellito is the man

Ken Shellito, Crown's new Ambassador
Phnom Penh Crown are doing things properly. Not only have they brought in a European coach for their forthcoming season ahead, as well as signing some of the very best talent on offer in the country, but they are planning for the future of football in Cambodia. Their Elite Football Academy, which will begin in earnest at the start of the new year, is a major development in guaranteeing that the future of Cambodian football is moving forward in a positive fashion. They are trendsetters and it's up to the others to catch up, or be left very far behind. In line with doing things the right way, Crown have secured the services of a high profile Ambassador for the new Academy, who will be join the Academy coaches and players for coaching sessions as often as possible next year. It's none other than former England international and Chelsea manager, Ken Shellito, who lives in Malaysia and now works for the Asian Football Confederation. Ken came over to help in the final trials a few weeks ago and was delighted to accept the offer of more involvement next year. The Academy will begin in January when 22 youngsters arrive from the provinces to begin the first residential programme in Cambodia's history.

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