Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Believe in yourselves

PPCFC line-up for an impromptu group photo. Standing LtoR: Frimpong, Sothy, Lika, Vanthan, Sovan, H Pheng, Rady, Dara, Tiny, Sovanna. Front LtoR: S Pheng, Chaya, Suhana, Makara, Seiha, Ary, Borey.
Head coach David Booth left the Phnom Penh Crown players in no doubt as to the task that lies ahead of them in a team meeting held before their evening training session under floodlights at the Central Stadium tonight. "Dordoi may have a height and strength advantage against you, but we can win. Go out with a positive mental attitude. We are faster, quicker, fitter and we play better football. We have nothing to fear. We can win. Believe in yourselves." The excellent playing surface and top quality floodlights were a welcome bonus compared to facilities back home, as the Crown squad were put through their paces on the pitch where they will meet Dordoi in tomorrow's opening AFC President's Cup Group A tie for the Cambodian team. David Booth spent nearly an hour on tactical play with his squad in addition to the usual ball work, sprinting and stretching, so the players could get used to the surface and playing under the lights. The floodlights at the Central Stadium have been upgraded at considerable cost as well as additional dressing rooms added as the Tajikistan football federation pulled out all the stops in order to host this year's competition final. What we've seen so far is a credit to them.
Khim Borey gets ready for his training session at the Central Stadium

Sok Sovan and teammates stretching

Head coach David Booth oversees training

The Crown squad reach for the sky

David Booth surveying his squad under lights at Central Stadium

The Crown players show their coach due respect

A final few words to the squad as the training session ends

The Crown playing team pose before training commences at the Central Stadium - click to enlarge all photos


Anonymous said...

Best of luck! Will be cheering for you from afar!

Anonymous said...

Good luck for Phnom Penh Crown. is there any live TV or website? My friends and i are eager to watch the match.

Mr. Andy, out of three teams, how many will proceed to the next stage? 2 teams that have top points or just one team?

Andy Brouwer said...

Unfortunately, there is no live tv or internet streaming of the match. There should be some websites where you can see the scoreline and we will try to update the PPCFC Facebook page with any goals.
Only 1 team will proceed from each of the 2 groups, with the group winners going onto the Final of the competition (match to be played 30 Sept).