Friday, November 2, 2012

Thierry in 7 Days

Thierry Bin speaks in 7 Days
Today's Phnom Penh Post's 7 Days edition contained a short interview with Phnom Penh Crown's French-Khmer striker Thierry Bin, in an article on Khmer returnees.
Thierry Chantha Bin, Paris, France, 21
I only came back to Cambodia last week, I'm from Paris. I'm playing professional football for the Phnom Penh Crown. I came with the Khmer Europe team in September, a selection of the best players of Cambodian origins in Europe. I was then signed by Crown after a few weeks of negotiation. I was the first French-Cambodian player to join the Cambodian premier league. I was born in France, my parents fled just before the fall of Phnom Penh. I have been back twice, in September 2007 and 2012, but in 2012 it was just to play a single game of football.
The hardest part about being back is the heat. I'm currently living in a clubhouse with other local players. You can imagine how the living conditions here are different from what I've known in France. I came here to know better my country of origin, so it's up to me to adapt and make it a good experience.
Cambodia is completely different to the image my parents portrayed to me. I think I'd like to stay here for a long time - my parents are in France though. I have a one-year contract and will see after that. It would be awesome to join the national team. It was amazing to see the TV crews waiting for me at the airport. I think I could have a long-term career here, so yes, I plan to stay a long time.

Thierry's club, Phnom Penh Crown are set to play two more warm-up matches before they head to Vietnam for a pre-season tournament. They meet Preah Khan Reach on Monday 5 November at 2pm, and then face Naga Corp on Sunday 11 November at 3pm, with both games scheduled for Crown's RSN Stadium in Tuol Kork.


Anonymous said...

Do the Khmer-French players count as foreign or domestic Cambodian players? And are Phnom Penh Crown Planning on signing any new Foreign players?

Andy Brouwer said...

The French-Khmer players count as Cambodian players as they have Cambodian parents and so have Khmer nationality.
We will leave our options open as to whether we sign any foreign players for the new season.