Sunday, March 2, 2014

Olympic Stadium dangers

Some of the items found on the Olympic Stadium playing surface yesterday
The football authorities in this country don't do anything to help themselves. The Olympic Stadium is the no 1 pitch in the country, apparently. The groundsmen recently added some soil on top of the grass to a few areas which were a bit bare. Unfortunately they didn't check the quality of the soil first, or even afterwards. And no officials checked the pitch either. During warm-up before yesterday's game, these items, including glass, ceramics and iron shards were picked up from the pitch. This was just the first handful, we picked up a lot more. And we didn't have time to check the other 75% of the pitch. Obviously, these items can cause injury and what we found is a dereliction of duty of the first order. The match official we handed them to simply shrugged his shoulders. My first call would've been for the groundsmen to conduct a sweep of the pitch before the match started. Fat chance of that happening.

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Anonymous said...

Fat chance indeed! The FFC will say (if anyone is talking) that they only lease the ground. The pitch is a disgrace and must rank as one of the worst national pitches in the world.