Friday, April 4, 2014

Another fixture revision

The football federation have again revised the Metfone C-League fixture list for the 2nd half of the season, bringing forward all of the matches as they wish to complete the season by the end of July. In August they will begin the renovation of the Olympic Stadium pitch from grass to artificial turf, with the help of funding from FIFA. This information leaked out recently and the federation have now made a half-hearted announcement about the second half of the MCL campaign.
The Phnom Penh Crown fixtures from now until the end of the season are as follows, with a final day game against Boeung Ket:
Sat 5 Apr National Police 6pm @ Olympic Stadium
Sat 26 Apr NagaCorp 6pm @ Olympic Stadium
Sat 10 May Western Uni 3.45pm @ Army Stadium
Sun 18 May AEU 6pm @ Olympic Stadium
2nd Round:
Wed 21 May Svay Rieng 3.45pm @ Olympic Stadium
Sun 25 May Army 3.30pm @ Olympic Stadium
Sun 1 Jun Kirivong 6pm @ Olympic Stadium
Sun 8 Jun BBU 3.30pm @ Olympic Stadium
Sat 14 Jun Western Uni 3.45pm @ Army Stadium
Sat 21 Jun Albirex Niigata PP 6pm @ Olympic Stadium
Sat 28 Jun TriAsia PP 6pm @ Olympic Stadium
Sat 5 Jul National Police 6pm @ Olympic Stadium
Sat 12 Jul NagaCorp 6pm @ Olympic Stadium
Sat 19 Jul Svay Rieng 6pm @ Olympic Stadium
Sun 27 Jul Boeung Ket 6pm @ Olympic Stadium.


Anonymous said...

Artificial grass! This is just an expensive excuse for the FFCs neglect and poor groundmanship of the pitch. The drainage was never repaired and the ground is bumpy and never rolled or watered. Alexander Duric said it was the worst pitch he has ever played on! With proper maintenance the grass would have been fine but now we will have a plastic surface similar to that of QPR circa 1978.

Anonymous said...

Cambodia already has an advantage over touring teams, as their players are used to the bumpy sub-standard Olympic pitch. Visiting teams cannot adjust to the uneven bounce or play their natural passing game. Now the visitors will have to adapt to an artificial plastic surface and Cambodia will again have the upperhand.
Andy, does the FFC have to account for these FIFA handouts?

Andy Brouwer said...

Anon, presumably they will have to convince FIFA that they spent the money wisely, but who knows...FFC will never tell anyone anything anyway.