Thursday, April 17, 2014

Another nail

A match-fixing scandal has rocked Vietnamese football to the core with last year's champions Vissai Ninh Binh pulling out of this season's V-League competition, but strangely, they will apparently be allowed to continue their AFC Cup campaign, after progressing to the knockout stage. 11 players have admitted to police to taking cash to fix match results including a win over Kelantan in the AFC Cup this year, after being down 2-1 at the break. I's another large nail hammered into the coffin of Asian football that simply has to get its house in order before its too late and root out these cheats who bring shame onto the game we all love. Players and officials who admit to or are found guilty of manipulating results and selling games at whatever level must be banned. I would advocate throwing the book at them and then some - the punishment needs to be seen as a deterrent. However I'm sure the do-gooders won't allow the type of drastic action I would welcome. In my simplistic view, we need to make an example to all that this stain on the beautiful game will not be tolerated. It's time we took back the moral high ground and rid football of those who seek to use it as a vehicle to cheat and swindle. Match-fixing always has and always will make my blood boil.


Anonymous said...

You're right Andy, but why is nothing done about match-fixing here in Cambodia. There have been many instances here, and admissions, accusations and innuendo rife for many years. The case of the SEA Games missing 4 was never properly investigated or explained nor the anomalous World Cup qualifiers vs Laos. Cambodian football has to get its own house in order before looking across the border.

Andy Brouwer said...

Absolutely, which is why I've written about it many times. We need to clean up football at home & abroad. But there has to be a will to clean it up by the people in charge. That is the first step.