Monday, June 14, 2010

Bee in my bonnet

Cambodia's national team captain Sun Sovanrithy demonstrates how to take a legitimate throw-in. And yes those are long ladies gloves (minus mittens) he's wearing. Photo nicksellsphotography
I have a bee in my bonnet about throw-ins. I see foul throws time and again in the C-League, in fact numerous times every match and the match officials do bugger all about it. I'm absolutely convinced that they don't understand the rules, and neither do the players. Time to get back to basics boys. The thrower must have both feet on the ground, be on or behind the touchline and must use both hands to deliver the ball from behind and over his head. If he delays release of the ball until his hands are below his forehead, it's a foul throw. That's right, a foul throw. Oh, you've not heard of those before. Now I understand. And a quick tip for all linesmen in the C-League, all of the ball must be over the touchline before you start waving your bloody flag. I have a lot more bees buzzing around in my bonnet but I'll spill those beans another day.

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