Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More push-ups required

Wat Phnom posted a shock 1-0 win over the Army today
I didn't see that one coming. In the opening game of the 2nd half of the Metfone C-League, the Army succumbed to bottom-but-one Wat Phnom 1-nil at Olympic Stadium this afternoon. To be frank I think Wat Phnom were fired up under new management, the Army took it at half pace and were made to pay dearly by failing to get back the game's only goal on 17 minutes, scored by Ry Phearoeun, who snuck behind a sleepy Army backline and slotted into an empty net. Wat Phnom deserved their 1st half lead, they were on a mission and they caught the Army boys still nursing a hangover from the end of the first half of the campaign. If they don't kickstart their season soon, they could slip further behind in the rankings. As for Wat Phnom, they held out in the second half with 11 men behind the ball at all times, defending desperately as the Army threw 15 corners at them and two glaring late misses by Suong Virak summed up the Army's day. I think the boys will be made to do a lot of extra push-ups after this result. New signing Om Thavrak from Naga had to sit it out as his registration hadn't come through in time and they also lost two players through suspension, but their squad is big enough to cope, so no excuses. It was an Army off day.
A poor start for the Army's 2nd half of the C-League campaign

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