Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The Cambodian national squad in chain-pulling mode
Team photographs in Asia, and in particular Cambodia, often make me wince. Here are two examples. The bottom one is a Preah Khan Reach line-up three years ago, which is nothing short of ridiculous and has shaped my view of the PKR team ever since (just kidding). I must admit I'm a traditionalist when it comes to much in football, including the off-the-cuff team photo. I still prefer one knee on the ground for those in the front row but I'm often ignored when I ask for this style. The top photo was one I came across today and I must say, it's one I took an instant dislike to. Who on earth would ask the players to hold their right hand up in the first place - presumably to suggest that the team were ready for action and showing their fighting spirit (though in England it's more akin to pulling a toilet chain) - and what numbskull of a coach agreed for the picture to be taken? I've seen it before by the U-16 national team and it made me wince then, but it was understandable because the boys are young and don't know any better, but to see it from the senior national team just about takes the biscuit.
Preah Khan Reach must've done this for a bet

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