Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's only going to get harder

Khuon Laboravy (11, red) leads out the Cambodian team against Thailand
The final of the MRYUIFTBIDC Cup (aka BIDC Cup) takes place at 4pm this afternoon at the Olympic Stadium between Myanmar and Thailand. The sad point is that Cambodia will be unable to repeat their 2009 success as they failed at the semi-final stage against Thailand on Friday. It wasn't that Thailand gave them a good hiding, far from it, but Cambodia just lacked that inventive spark, that passionate belief that they could overcome their neighbours and with a coach who stuck rigidly to his gameplan even when it was obvious to all that it was failing miserably. The point of the exercise of course, was to get some serious match practice before the upcoming SEA Games in Indonesia. So in that respect, it's been worthwhile but we must also remember that Cambodia entered essentially their SEA Games team into this competition, whilst Thailand, and for that matter, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, played their U-19 teams, who will not be playing at the SEA Games. To state the obvious, Cambodia will find it considerably tougher when they get to Indonesia. I fear the worst unless the coach can pull rabbits out of the hat and find a winning formula which he clearly couldn't do in this competition.
LtoR: Phuong Soksana, Sok Sovan, Sok Rithy, Chhun Sothearath
LtoR: Lay Raksmey, Pov Phearith, Chin Chhoeurn, Tum Saray, Touch Pancharong
LtoR; Khuon Laboravy, Sou Yaty, Lay Raksmey, Pov Phearith
The Cambodian substitutes. LtoR: Vichet, Sokngorn, Rady, Veasna, Souhana, Daravorn, Dalin, PM Udom
The two captains exchange pennants before the kick-off
The Myanmar coach Gerd Zeise explaining his team's semi-final success
The Myanmar players jump for joy after their penalty shoot-out win over Vietnam


Anonymous said...

Mr. Lee should look at his choice at left back and central midfielder. Get rid of the police players. Tauch Pancharong cant kick with his left. Why Maul Daravorn not getting a game? He's big, strong and left footed. Using Pov Phearith at the heart of midfield is a joke. He can't pass for sh*t. Why not use Oum Kumpheak. Why not get rid of the coach too.

Anonymous said...

Moniroth from Naga is the best left back at U21 level - a match for any left back in Cambodia! Why Ravy played on the right and Chhourn on the left against Thailand is mindboggling -a recipe for disaster - and so it proved losing 2-1. As for playing the B team against Myanmar in the group game, when they had to be beaten for Cambodia to top the group and therefore miss Thailand in the semi-final is just pure sabotage. The coach is clueless!!