Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fabio tops the bill

Fabio Cannavaro with his most prized possession
It's been confirmed. Fabio Cannavaro, he of the short height and always willing to take his shirt off to show his handsome torso, as well as being the 2006 FIFA World Player of the Year and Italy's World Cup-winning captain in that same year, will be popping over to Phnom Penh for a couple of nights (8th and 9th January) to show his face, promote Cambodian football and sports, make a few personal appearances (probably in the high-class fashion boutiques), and generally spread goodwill and his winning smile to all and sundry. Lots of television and media photocalls no doubt, a gala dinner perhaps and of course some time on the coaching field, most likely at Olympic Stadium, passing on the skills for which he was so blessed. Certainly not one of the tallest defenders around, his desire to win, his anticipation and his single-mindedness were his key attributes that made him one of the very best defenders on the planet in the last 20 years. He's certainly the biggest name from world football to ever grace these shores and will be warmly welcomed. He played in the teams of Parma, Juventus, Inter Milan and Real Madrid, won the European Player of the Year award, a bagful of domestic league and cup titles before finally calling it a day last year due to a persistent knee problem. He also happens to be a handsome devil (so my lady friends tell me) and won the accolade as the world's sexiest footballer on a number of occasions. Welcome to Phnom Penh Fabio.


Anonymous said...

Who organize his visit?

Andy Brouwer said...

855 Sports Promotion Group amongst others.