Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rich dividends

Coach David Booth invites these players to a practice match against the Crown 1st-team
The second day of Phnom Penh Crown's open trials came to an end at lunchtime today with coach David Booth declaring himself pleased with what he'd seen. He then invited sixteen of the trialists, which totalled nearly 70 players over the two days, to return to the RSN Stadium tomorrow afternoon, where they will come up against members of the Crown first-team squad in a practice match. It's a fantastic opportunity for the trialists, who if they put on a good performance, could find themselves just a step away from joining Crown full-time. It's highly likely that some of the players will be invited to join the Crown squad for training for the rest of this week, to show exactly what they can do in the club's daily training sessions. Crown already have a few irons in the fire with new signings looking likely from a number of local hopefuls that have been training with the club over the past week or two, whilst this batch of newcomers could also provide the club with some rich dividends.


Anonymous said...

You keep saying "stadium," but I don't see one. I only see some playing fields and buildings.


Andy Brouwer said...

Tav, that's the official title and easier to write than 'RSN field and accommodation block for the Academy boys' :-)