Thursday, December 29, 2011

Time for chat

I caught an hour long television show tonight from the PPCTV channel, in Khmer language, which they billed as Internet Sport Talk Show for PPCTVSport. I believe the show has been running for a few weeks already and for much of the show they talked about football, both local and international. Other sports were shown on signs behind the two presenters but football was all they discussed. In one segment, they showed an online copy of the Phnom Penh Post and proceeded to read out loud the whole report, on the Cambodian national team, word for word. They also showed photographs of international players from other countries, displayed on their own facebook page and discussed potential tranfers and suchlike. An hour of football talk is certainly what the Khmer football-loving public want but I think they need to be a lot more innovative about their content, rather than reading verbatim from an online newspaper. I know Rome wasn't built in a day, so I welcome the show, but there's certainly lots of room to improve. Teach me to speak Khmer and I'll jump at the chance to take part as a pundit. If Shebby Singh can get away with it, anyone can. The Thais have what seems like almost continuous football chat shows, though most of it covers the Barclays Premier. I'd like the Khmer channels to be much more homegrown-focused, but without losing an element of international coverage of the big stories as well. The more coverage of the Cambodian League the better.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully, they can develop an identity of their own covering local football, rather than trying to copy the styles of shows in other countries or read from a newspaper piece. I absolutely agree the more talk about Khmer football the better. Maybe it'll help improve the quality of play on the field.