Monday, November 25, 2013

Time for change

As we approach the SEA Games in Myanmar in just over a couple of weeks time, I want everyone to be very clear about Cambodia's record under the current head coach, Lee Tae-Hoon. In competitive football matches under his command, Cambodia has played 24 games and won just 4.  In what we could term serious friendlies, such as the recent matches against Guam and in Singapore, the record is played 11 and won just two. In Myanmar, we are in the toughest group and will come face to face with Thailand, Indonesia, the hosts Myanmar and Timor-Leste. None of those games will bring any respite from the numerous reversals we have suffered. Of course, the position of coach of the Cambodian football team is not an easy one. Some might say it's a thankless task. I disagree. You get the right man for the job and as we have seen in other countries, take Guam as an obvious example, miracles are indeed possible. So it doesn't take a genius to work out my despair when Lee returned to coach the national team in August. His abysmal record and frankly his negative tactics are in my opinion, not moving Cambodian football forward in any way, shape or form. It's time for everyone to wake up and smell the coffee. In the best interests of Cambodian football, we need to make a change now.
This is Lee Tae-Hoon's record whilst in charge of the Cambodia national team:
Competition Results:
22 Oct 2010 v Laos (AFF Suzuki Cup) Away. Drew 0-0
24 Oct 2010 v Timor Leste (AFF Suzuki Cup) Away. Won 4-2 Borey 3, Sinoun
26 Oct 2010 v Philippines (AFF Suzuki Cup) Away. Drew 0-0
9 Feb 2011 v Macau (AFC Challenge Cup Qual) Home. Won 3-1 El Nasa 2, Laboravy
16 Feb 2011 v Macau (AFC Challenge Cup Qual) Away. Lost 2-3 Borey, El Nasa
21 Mar 2011 v Maldives (AFC Challenge Cup) Away. Lost 0-4
23 Mar 2011 v Tajikistan (AFC Challenge Cup) Away. Lost 0-3
25 Mar 2011 v Kyrgyzstan (AFC Challenge Cup) Away. Lost 3-4 Sokumpheak, Rithy
29 Jun 2011 v Laos (World Cup Qual) Home. Won 4-2 Laboravy, El Nasa 2, Sokumpheak
3 Jul 2011 v Laos (World Cup Qual) Away. Lost 2-6 aet Chhoeun, Sokumpheak
9 Oct 2011 v Laos (Mekong BIDC Cup) Home. Won 2-0 Soksana, Laboravy
12 Oct 2011 v Myanmar (Mekong BIDC Cup) Home. Drew 2-2 Udom pen, Saray
14 Oct 2011 v Thailand (Mekong BIDC Cup) Home. Lost 1-2 Sovan
7 Nov 2011 v Indonesia (SEA Games) Away. Lost 0-6
9 Nov 2011 v Singapore (SEA Games) Away. Lost 1-2 Chhoeun
11 Nov 2011 v Thailand (SEA Games) Away. Lost 0-4
13 Nov 2011 v Malaysia (SEA Games) Away. Lost 1-4 Chhoeun
25 Feb 2012 v Brunei (Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy) Away. Lost 2-3 Udom pen, Vathanaka
27 Feb 2012 v Vietnam (HBT) Away. Lost 1-2 Vathanak
29 Feb 2012 v Timor Leste (HBT) Away. Lost 0-1
5 Mar 2012 v Malaysia (HBT) Away. Lost 1-3 Sothearath
2 Nov 2013 v Malaysia (BIDC Cup) Home. Drew 2-2 Sokngon, Vathanaka
6 Nov 2013 v Laos (BIDC Cup) Home. Drew 2-2 Sokngon, Chhoeun
8 Nov 2013 v Thailand (BIDC Cup) Home. Lost 1-2 aet Samoeun
Record: Pld 24 Won 4 Drew 5 Lost 15 Goals For 34 Agst 60

18 Sep 2010 v Vietnam U-23 Away. Lost 0-2
21 Sep 2010 v Vietnam U-23 Away. Lost 0-3
5 Dec 2010 v Ulsan University Home. Lost 1-4 own goal
7 Jun 2011 v Malaysia Olympic XI Home. Won 1-0 Laboravy
28 Oct 2011 v Nepal U-23 Home. Lost 0-1
14 Jan 2012 v Malaysia U-23 Home. Lost 0-1
27 Jan 2012 v Ulsan University Home. Drew 3-3 Vathanaka, Chhoeun, S Udom
29 Jan 2012 v Ulsan University Home. Lost 1-2 Vathanaka
19 Nov 2013 v Guam Home. Lost 0-2
22 Nov 2013 v Singapore U-23 Away. Won 1-0 Vathanaka
24 Nov 2013 v Singapore U-23 Away. Lost 0-1.
Record: Pld 11 Won 2 Drew 1 Lost 8 Goals For 7 Agst 19


Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you anymore Andy. Coach Lee is a disaster. The results speak for themselves. The FFC is responsible for his appointment and inexplicable reappointment. Lee should have sacked after the World Cup qualifiers vs Laos. Does the FFC have your coach Lee win/loss record? or do they simply not care? The FFC has highjacked football in Cambodia and the fans own nothing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andy for being so thorough in exposing coach Lee's dismal record. How he was reappointed is quite extraordinary. The FFC are a law unto themselves. The fans are treated with contempt.

Anonymous said...

May Tola the FFC technical director said that coach Lee's record was "not too bad". Who is he kidding?

Andy Brouwer said...

The FFC don't see it as the football fans see it. They have their own agendas when it comes to the national team. Its been like this for a long time and will continue in the same vein, unless there is a sea-change in Cambodian football. Only if a major shake-up happens will Cambodian football have a chance of getting out from this ever deepening pit we are in.