Friday, July 15, 2011

Care to dance?

Would you care to dance? Odion Obadin (12) and Naga's Phorn Ratana.
I just had to post this photo, taken by Antony Sutton of the Jakarta Casual blog when he was on a recent visit to Phnom Penh. It was an incident during the Phnom Penh Crown v Naga Corp match played at the Old Stadium. I won't bother you with the result as that's water under the bridge, suffice to say that the action depicted was in the 1st half and involves Crown's defender Odion Obadin and Naga goalkeeper Phorn Ratana, as they challenge for a free-kick. I don't believe they've met before, but this is what you'd call a very close encounter. As always happens in Cambodia football, the goalkeeper reacted as though he'd been attacked by a gang of thugs and stayed down for about five minutes. But then if Odion Obadin had run into me at full steam, I'd take a few moments to collect my thoughts, and my dignity. You can see more of Obadin when Phnom Penh Crown meet Prek Pra Keila at the Olympic Stadium tomorrow at 4pm. League leaders Crown look set to have a full strength squad to choose from, no injuries and no suspensions, as long as Kouch Sokumpheak is fully recovered, and coach David Booth has to perm his best starting eleven from a squad all bursting to get on the pitch. Prek Pra will, as usual, be supported from the stands by their vociferous supporters, which always makes their games a bit more lively. The Cham community of Prek Pra on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, have certainly rallied around their football team and come out in force every time Prek Pra are scheduled to play.

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