Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kirivong strike it rich

The midweek Metfone C-League game turned into another success for Kirivong, the club who shed a few players in the mid-season break, with a 2-0 success over a dejected Army team, who had welcomed back their skipper Thong Udom to the starting XI. Both goals came after the half-time break with Song Dara netting the first from distance and then Nelson Oladiji making sure of the points from the penalty spot. Even with his erratic finishing, he would find it hard to miss from the spot. That's consecutive wins over the Police and Army for Kirivong, who have begun the 2nd half of the season like a runaway train. The Ministry of Defense meanwhile are in real danger of seeing their season unravel before their eyes after two successive defeats.


Charles said...

Hi Andy:

I am a college student come from Taiwan(or so called "Chinese Taipei" in FIFA due to political issues) and have been read your blog. I guess maybe I'm the only one reader here from my country.:)
As you know, like cambodia, Taiwan also stands nearly very bottom at the World football pyramid.Though we are a highly developed country and actually isn't lack of budget, no one take football seriously here,the whole nation just focus on baseball, basketball, tennis and pool.We name here as "Football Desert" usually.
Owing to the situation, I (or some guys like me who love football but live in such a country) have been concerned with other countrys' experiences which have similar status.
I can hardly get in touch with informations about Cambodia football but for your nice articles and instructions. So I just decide to say thank you and send my greetings before The AFC President's Cup Final Stage, now that it woul be hold in Taiwan in upcoming September.
Also send two little questions just come into my mind:With the mid-season break just passed,does C-League have an All-Star Game or something similar? As C-League has enough teams and players, it would be a fun idea. And will you come to Taiwan with PPCFC in September? You will definetly like here.:)
Hope I can see PPCFC here in my homeland and two teams of Taiwan and Cambodia both can have outstanding achievements.

Best Wishes :)

Andy Brouwer said...

Hi Charles,
great to hear from you and yes, I certainly hope to come with the PPCFC team for the President's Cup finals. We are really looking forward to it. It's a country I've never been to so that's another reason for my excitement. I already have 1 very good friend from Taiwan, who has been on holiday here in Cambodia, so now its my turn to visit her homeland.

For your other question, the players had a 1 or 2-week break over the mid-season interval and they don't arrange anything like an All Stars game because the national team were playing in the World Cup. There has not been a history of playing All Stars matches in Cambodia. Either against visiting teams or amongst the C-League teams. At the moment there are a lot of Barclays Premier teams in Asia but none of them come to Cambodia. We hope that in the future, as Cambodia becomes better known for its football, that this will encourage teams to visit here.

Thanks again for your message. I hope we can meet when I come to Taiwan.