Friday, March 2, 2012

Overseas headache

The paperwork involved in obtaining the services of foreign players is preventing Phnom Penh Crown from announcing their overseas contingent for the upcoming new Metfone C-League season. International Transfer Certificates are required from the football association of the country in which the player was playing previously before he can register to play in Cambodia. All this has to be done by the respective football associations, so the football club is effectively at the mercy of third parties before they can sign a new player. If the foreign association doesn't play ball and respond within thirty days, then a player can get a provisional clearance to play. In the meantime, the player must also have a working visa to be able to play here in Cambodia. All in all, it takes a long time for this paper shuffling to take place and Crown want to make sure everything is proceeding smoothly before they make any announcements. No-one wants egg on their face. We've already seen in a couple of behind-closed-doors practice matches that Nigerian Henry Asonibe and Ghanaian Emmanuel Frimpong (right), both midfield players, have donned a Crown shirt, so it doesn't take a genius to add 2+2 together to work out that both players are likely to be joining Crown for the coming season. However, until that paperwork I mentioned is complete, they cannot play a competitive match for the club. In addition, Crown are also interested in bringing a Liberian international striker currently plying his trade in the United States to Cambodia.


Anonymous said...

From the US to Cambodia? That's quite a downgrade.

Andy Brouwer said...

Not necessarily :-)