Monday, April 12, 2010

A closer look

The man with the cards, Yien Kivatanak couldn't help but flash 6 yellows and 1 red on Sunday
Through the lens of happy snapper Nick Sells, here are some images from the weekend's games in the Metfone C-League. I've included some of referee Yien Kivatanak, who has a penchant for flashing cards left right and center in any game in which he appears. In four league games he's officiated so far this season, he's brandished 18 yellows and 2 reds. Alongwith fellow referee Thong Chankethya (he's issued 21 yellows and 1 red in 4 matches), they are on a mission to break all records for the most cards flashed in a season. I normally agree with about 20% of their decisions. Am I being too harsh?
Ref Kivatanak explains the early bath scenario to Wat Phnom's Henry Asonibe, or he's so tired from waving his arms in the air, that he simply doesn't have the energy to lift his left hand with the very heavy red card in it
A common sight in games involving referee Yien Kivatanak, as he issues a yellow card to Henry Asonibe
Its all concentration on the Naga Corp bench before the game begins with new coach Prak Sovannara at the far end
One of my bugbears is the stretcher-bearers and this player seems to be saying "leave me alone you idiots" - I couldn't agree more.
Goalkeepers receive way too much protection these days but can get away with murder, as this high foot by Chhma Khmao's Pen Socheat demonstrates
2- goal Teab Vatanak of Naga blocks the challenge of Cambodia's no 1, Samreth Seiha of the Army. All photos courtesy of

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