Sunday, April 4, 2010

Old friends

Happier times with the Peanut Princess
Regular readers of my football blog posts maybe disappointed that the Peanut Princess has not appeared so far this season. Well so am I. It looks like she has changed her pitch to another location and has not been seen around the Olympic Stadium to-date. Although I seem to recall that I had decided to stop taking candid pictures of her once I found out she was married with a baby. Though her presence certainly did liven up proceedings on a hot and humid afternoon last season. I miss her. In addition, the police/authorities/whoever have banned the sale of cold drinks/nuts/anything in the main stand and you have to go into the public areas underneath to get your refreshments now. Which is a pain. I also had to pay 500 riel yesterday for a piss. I thought about doing it Cambodian style on the side of the pitch, but with the television cameras showing live action, I didn't fancy being named and shamed on national tv. Joking aside I have a real bee in my bonnet about the pissing-in-the-full-view-of-the-public thing and come the revolution, that will be the first thing I will abolish.

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Andy Brouwer said...

Another thing missing this week is 'the greatest toss-ups of our time' photo entrants. I've decided that they are simply way too boring to bother taking the photo of the match referee tossing his coin. I'll do it for an important game but is anyone really interested to see the toss up between Wat Phnom and Prek Pra Keila - I don't think so, unless the referee's mum reads my blog. Which could happen, but unlikely.
Do the referee's read my blog I wonder? I can be quite critical of the men in black in the C-League, though most of them have been away on a lengthy training course in the province over the last week or so, hence the same refs have been in charge of the 7 C-League games so far. Lets hope for some improvements.