Monday, April 12, 2010

Top keepers

The top 2 in the C-League goalkeeper rankings, Sou Yaty (left) and Samreth Seiha. Photo: nicksellsphotography
The Army team are blessed with the two best goalkeepers in the Metfone C-League and both of them are the national team keepers as well. Samreth Seiha and Sou Yaty are at the top of the pile when it comes to shot-stopping, handling, bravery when the feet are flying and everything else it takes to be a top keeper. That they play for the same club side, the Ministry of National Defense, means that their coach Oup Sam Ann has decided to alternate them between the sticks. On Saturday it was Samreth Seiha's turn. Sou Yaty will take over the next time the Army take to the field. And it pretty much works out the same way for the Cambodian national team as well, with coach Scott O'Donell rating both players very highly. They also have youth very much on their side as well, Seiha is 20 later this month and Yaty is 21. Seiha got the nod for the Hun Sen Cup Final a few weeks ago and has been my favourite keeper since I began watching the Cambodian game a while back. Both him and Yaty would undoubtedly benefit from some specialized professional goalkeeping coaching. They are very good now but could become even better with words of wisdom and technical pointers from a specialist. Come the revolution, that will be the first item on the 'agenda for the future'.
Samreth Seiha rolls the ball out during Saturday's game. Photo: nicksellsphotography

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