Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cut it out

Augustine Ogbni celebrates for BBU and he didn't even score the goal. Photo:
There seems to be a rash of evangelical prayer celebrations overtaking the foreign contingent of footballers in the C-League this season. It's become increasingly noticeable in the last few games. I much preferred the double somersaults or running to the corner flag for a bit of boxing practise, or even those god-awful dance routines, not to mention cradling the baby, but the arms aloft in thanks to a higher being just don't do it for me at all. I have a bad enough time controlling my anger whenever I see the whiter-than-white Mormons pedalling their crap around Phnom Penh, I really don't want to bring God into the equation at the football stadium as well. So a personal plea please, can we stop thanking Him for his bountiful wonderfulness of providing you with the means to tap the ball over the goal-line from a yard out and get back to those ridiculous goal celebrations that we all love to hate.

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nicksmename said...

To be fair to the guy i did shout him over for a pose. But for me i wish they would play up to the camera, its very rare that they do.