Monday, April 5, 2010

Local flavour

My old Bayon shirt is modelled by a friend
A few months after I came to live in Phnom Penh I began training and playing friendly matches with local expat/Khmer team Bayon Wanderers. I'd still be playing if it wasn't for my annoying skin rashes. I finally stopped playing more than a year ago. Nevertheless, Bayon are still going strong and are in the middle of organizing their annual 11 a-side football tournament - The Bayon Challenge - on the weekend of 5 and 6 June, this being the weekend before the World Cup kicks off. The tournament which has been held since 1996 will be played in the Old Stadium as was the case last year, when Bayon were second best in the penalty shoot out of the final to the Acleda Bank team. Two expat teams from Vietnam have confirmed their participation and other SEA expat teams are expected to join. The deadline for registration is mid-May. Find out more here.

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