Sunday, August 22, 2010

Random snaps

The Crown supporters came out in force yesterday with t-shirts, flags, horns, banners and loud voices
To finish off the action and events of yesterday's Metfone C-League championship final, won 4-3 by Phnom Penh Crown over Preah Khan Reach, here are a few snaps taken during the afternoon. One picture I didn't take was of the new national team coach, Lee Tae-Hoon, from South Korea. He arrived in Phnom Penh on Friday evening and attended the game yesterday but he didn't hang around afterwards, so I didn't manage to get a picture. At least he saw the cup final before the season came to a close and will now have just over a month and a half to prepare for the AFF Suzuki Cup qualifying games that will take place in Laos. Between 16-24 October, Cambodia will battle with Laos, Philippines and Timor Leste for two spots in the finals, to be held in Indonesia and Vietnam in December. I've been told that a training squad of players will be making their way to Vietnam, where the new coach can get his first look up close with the players who've been selected for him by his assistant coaches and by recommendations from the CPL teams. I asked a federation official whether the new coach would be holding a press conference, even though he doesn't speak Khmer or English, but nothing has been arranged as yet. I await further developments with the national team with interest. The 6-month season has just finished and now the players have to prove themselves all over again to the new coach, who I hope has been taking advantage of available technology and watching videos of the national team and club teams, which are taken at every game. I'll ask him that if I get the chance...maybe in Korean!
Leading the cheerleading was suspended striker Uche Prince Justine, who is seen here running around the stand holding aloft a flag and blowing a horn
Hong Makara came on as a sub for Crown and netted their important 3rd goal
Crown celebrate their win immediately after the final whistle
In front of the cameras, Crown's coach Apisit Amphai and manager Be Makara
Crown defender Tieng Tiny relaxes on the bench before returning to the festivities
Dejected and inconsolable, the Preah Khan players await their medals
A military band brought colour and music to the awards ceremony
Tieng Tiny introduces his daughter to the spotlight, his medal and the national anthem
More joy for the Crown squad as they celebrate with the championship trophy, held aloft by Keo Sokngorn
Thought it would be nice to end with these two lovely ladies who provide cold bottled water to the teams and officials at every match. They are a god-send.


Anonymous said...

Find one long hair dictionnary from Korea soon. So you can ask question to korean coach :P

Andy Brouwer said...

A very sensible suggestion from Anon. If I was still writing football stories for Phnom Penh Post then I would consider it, but they've decided to dispense with my services, so I'll leave it to them.