Sunday, August 14, 2011

A forgettable Sunday

Prek Pra's 1-0 win gave them some hope of escaping relegation, and pleased their boisterous fans
Relegated Rithysen found it hard going and lost the match 1-0
Sunday's Metfone C-League football was instantly forgettable. Prek Pra's 1-0 win over Rithysen was about as exciting as watching paint dry. Both teams were inept all over the pitch and showed why they are at the wrong end of the table. A tenth minute goal by Prek Pra's Ron Roya was the best bit of action, when he aimed for the corner of the net from outside the box and found the target, something his teammates failed miserably with another eight other chances, while Rithysen, especially Seth Kamel was clueless when through on goal on two occasions. It was painful to watch to be honest. The less said about the game the better, though it does give Prek Pra a glint of hope of escaping relegation. The 2nd match of the afternoon went predictably in Naga's favour early on with their top scorer Julius Oiboh finding the net after just 7 minutes with the easiest tap-in he will have all season long. Chhlam Samuth were finding it hard to cope with the all-elbows lanky striker but they perked up when Naga skipper Om Thavrak picked up two yellow cards, unluckily in my view, and was off for an early bath after just 26 minutes. That signaled the rain which got steadily heavier, covering parts of the pitch in surface water and making the last fifteen minutes of the first-half a mockery. Chhlam Samuth were upset when Sunday Ayodele had a shot blocked on the goal-line by Sun Sovanratha but Naga can feel very aggrieved when a finish by Chin Chom was ruled out by an incorrect linesman's flag. Someone needs to tell the official (Yien Kivatanak, who is normally a referee) that you can't be offside from a miskick by a defender. It was embarrassing. The 2nd half never got started as the rain came down in stair rods and despite two pitch inspections, there was no chance of continuing, unless they adopted water polo rules. Match abandoned and has been re-scheduled for Wednesday at 2pm. I got soaking wet going home too. Not a day to remember.
The state of play during one of the referee's pitch inspections
Naga, before they were reduced to 10 men with Om Thavrak's (6) dismissal
Chhlam Samuth won't have a better chance of beating Naga, until the rain came down
The teams take to the field with a smiling Om Thavrak (6) unaware of his impending fate


Anonymous said...

Julius on target again! The best striker the Cambodian Premier League has seen. Watch out Crown this man is lethal!

Andy Brouwer said...

Well he was on target but he also missed three other straightforward chances in the match. And as the game was abandoned, his strike didn't count anyway. So perhaps not as lethal as you suggest.
He is certainly the most effective striker in the C-League this season, and perhaps for the last few seasons as well. He has all the attributes for success I grant you. If Naga do anything this season then its down to this 1 man.

Anonymous said...

When will the federation ever consider about the current state of the Olympic stadium's pitch? I bet u can do all sort of water activities on there, I'm sure the FA's fourth tier teams have better fields than this. It just doesn't seem fair for the top tier league's teams in the country to play on such field, it's a disgrace. How is cambodian's football going to ever improve if they don't even have a decent field to play on? I think the federation is not living up to their visions for the greater future.