Sunday, August 28, 2011

Picture parade

"Go out there and win," says Crown coach David Booth to his charges
To wrap up today's Metfone C-League Championship deciding success for Phnom Penh Crown over Preah Khan Reach, here's a few more photos from today's proceedings.
Warming-up exercises for Crown before the game
The Crown bench just before kick-off
Youthful opponents in Preah Khan Reach
Sok Pheng and Kingsley Njoku decide its time to whip off their shirts in celebration
David Booth leads the congratulations with Odion Obadin
Kouch Sokumpheak reflecting on Crown's success in the dressing room
A final "well done, you deserved it" from coach David Booth after the game
All smiles for David Booth and one of the Academy boys after the game
Interviewing David Booth for the television network
The players & staff retire to Sou Sou Suki Soup for an after-match celebration


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Phnom Penh Crown! and David Booth - on a job well done, Efficient, determined, disciplined, Preah Khan Reach hardly got a chance! - Obadin, Sokumpheak, Sopanha, Kingsley and the No 6 deserve special mention - Champions!

Anonymous said...

My sincerely congratulation! I love & believe in PPC! Cheers :)