Thursday, August 11, 2011

Title aspirations

The climax of the Metfone Cambodian League season is heading towards us like a runaway train. The top two teams are Phnom Penh Crown on 35 points, who are 4 points better off than 2nd-placed Naga Corp on 31 points. Those two teams are realistically the best bet for the championship. And this season, it's a straight race for the title as the play-offs have been scrapped. Both teams have 4 matches remaining with everything looking set for the big showdown between the clubs on Sunday 4 September, though if results go Crown's way in their preceding three matches, it will be all over bar the shouting. This weekend Crown meet Kirivong on Saturday at 4pm (without the suspended Odion Obadin) and Naga have an easier task against Chhlam Samuth the next day. Crown then have to face the Army and Preah Khan before their final match. Naga meanwhile, will meet the National Police and the Army before that final day clash with Crown. It's bubbling up nicely. Naga have won their last three matches with the league's top marksman Julius Oiboh banging in the goals - he's on 24 at the moment - though Crown are on a 6-game winning streak of their own, five of them under new coach David Booth. If there's one element that Crown are missing this season, it's that they don't possess a marksman of the calibre of Oiboh and instead share the goals around the team. If anyone thinks that the destination of this season's championship is already decided then think again. The next four matches will make or break the season for the two front-runners.


Anonymous said...

Crown to won the title - set up way ahead of other clubs in the league.

Anonymous said...

Let's see how PPCrown fares against PKR and Naga. If they can beat these 2 teams they are worthy champions. If they throw their last match by playing their B team v Naga (assuming they win beforehand),like they did against Nefchi in the President's Cup, they will lose respect with their fans and all the kudos of MPL Champions.

True champions show just how good they are by rising to and relishing the challenge that a final MPL match against Naga provides - and importantly,a chance for PPC to show they are the best and an opportunity for PPC to atone for an embarrassing round 1 defeat at Old Stadium (Julius hat-trick)

Andy Brouwer said...

Anon3:28PM: If PPCFC win this season's title they will be worthy champions. No-one goes through a championship-winning season not deserving it. If you win it, its because you have the most points, so you deserve it. Football is a simple game to understand Anon. No-one at PPCFC will throw any match and your observations about the Neftchi game show that you have no idea what you are talking about. I suggest you refrain from commenting in future.