Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Kouch Sokumpheak modelling the PPCFC blue kit
Yesterday I finally managed to see the new blue Phnom Penh Crown playing kit, which wasn't quite ready for the press conference we held recently. It's not exactly the away kit as such, but it's a second option when there's a clash of colours with our main red kit. We're currently in the middle of a competition for our supporters to design a new playing kit for the club to wear in the C-League, though with the possibility emerging that the league campaign will start in just over two weeks, we won't have time to decide on the design and to get it the kit made in time for the kick-off. I'm still waiting to hear confirmation that the C-League will begin on 3 March. I find it totally insane that the FFC would decide to start the league when they have taken around 20 players to an international friendly tournament in Brunei, potentially robbing teams of some of their best players. It simply doesn't make sense, unless the teams involving those players are allowed to postpone their opening matches, which then makes a mockery of the start of the season. Why don't they just delay it? As it is, if the start is 3 March, that's just over two weeks notice to clubs that the league season will begin. What sort of hairbrained planning is that, giving clubs two weeks notice to start their season. The fixtures should be decided months in advance, not a couple of weeks. In addition, this worthless tournament in Brunei will interrupt the preparation of the teams at a crucial time, with the national team coach needing his players in time for their first match in Brunei in ten days time, on 24 Feb. It's a complete shambles, with the FFC offering no direction whatsoever, let alone any public announcements of their decisions. To cap it all, I've been told that the league season may be decided by a return to the Super 4 play-offs that we endured in 2009 and 2010 but which are not the way to decide a league championship in anyone's book. I hope this suggestion does not come to fruition but I have a bad feeling about anything the federation touches.
The back of the blue playing jersey

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