Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hip-hop Crown

Amazing what you come across when you while away a few minutes on YouTube. Uploaded a few days ago was a video-song titled Phnom Penh Crown Theme Song mp4 (their title, not mine), which turns out to be a hip-hop rap version by persons unknown (at this stage). Certainly not the usual football song you hear but hip-hop rap is popular amongst the youth in Cambodia, so I suppose it works for some. When I find out who is responsible for it, I'll let you know. Just a pity they used an out of date poster for the video. You can hear it for yourself here.

Would you Adam & Eve it (believe it)...this hip-hop rap was commissioned by the club without my knowledge, so it's our official Theme Song. The artist is one of the hundreds of DJs plying their trade in Cambodia, but I'm told he's one of the best. His name is DJ Kdeb. He's worked with my fave Meas Soksophea, so he can't be that bad. In fact we should've asked Sophea to do our song, that would've worked well for me. I must admit I'm not a fan of hip-hop rap. The whole genre has literally passed me by.

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