Sunday, February 12, 2012

Laboravy seals it

Khuon Laboravy scored the winning goal for Preah Khan Reach in extra time against a very tired Naga and then promptly got sent off, first for taking his shirt off in celebration and then for what the referee saw as time-wasting. So an inglorious end to his Hun Sen Cup final, but did he care - of course not, his goal won PKR the cup and he also picked up the Golden Boot for the 2nd year running, which pocketed him 1,000,000 riel. Whilst PKR's 2-1 win was predictable, the final itself was pretty poor fare as I watched it live on TVK. Chhim Sambo opened up for Naga, Prak Mony Udom levelled a minute before the interval and it was left to Laboravy to practically claim the cup for himself with the winner, his 22nd of the competition, in the second period of extra time. PKR get $20K for their win, and also claimed the top scorer and best keeper (Sar Sophea) prizes, whilst Naga got $10K for 2nd spot and also nicked the Fair Play award. The referee award went to the same guy it always goes to, Thong Chankethya, in my view the worst of the bunch.
Interesting to see three former Phnom Penh Crown players who've joined Naga after their release a couple of months ago but were suspended for the whole Hun Sen Cup competition and more, because of their behaviour at the AFC President's Cup last season, though they still went up to collect their runners-up medals. They were Thul Sothearith, Sun Sopanha and Sun Sovannrithy. I didn't see San Narith, who has also hooked up with Naga, but I'm sure he was there somewhere. The television coverage was pretty murky underneath the less than illuminating floodlights.


Anonymous said...

You should have been there Andy - it was thrilling and the country's best player by far, rose to the occasion to score a wonderful match winner!
Congratulations PKR deserving winners.

Andy Brouwer said...

No need to attend, everyone knew who was going to win.
I watched the country's future in action, much more entertaining.
I did catch large chunks of the final on TV and thought it looked very poor, both teams looked knackered (after so many games in a few days) and I'd like to see a camera angle (for offside) for Laboravy's winner as it squirmed through Om Thavrak's legs and left him with a simple sidefoot to finish.
I agree that PKR deserved to win the competition, judging by the matches I saw.