Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No excuses

"Okay lads let's get changed before the spectators arrive"
A final look at Phnom Penh Crown's Hun Sen Cup adventures for 2012. They were knocked out at the Quarter-Final stage again, by a well-drilled reigning cup holders Preah Khan Reach 4-0 this afternoon. No excuses, beaten by a better team on the day. It's a competition Crown have under-performed in for the last two years after winning the cup in 2008 and 2009. The match was played at the the appalling Army Stadium, where the teams were forced to change on the steps of the grandstand, for what is supposed to be a professional football competition. It makes me wince every time we play a match there. The pitch was as piss-poor as usual, with a bone-hard, uneven surface, a bounce that defies the law of gravity and large sections missing even a hint of grass. The federation need to have their heads examined if they think this ground is good enough to host the country's version of the FA Cup.
Coach David Booth has a captive audience
Discussing the role of the midfield trio
Kouch Sokumpheak leads out the Crown team
"Play it tight for the first 15 minutes" - an instruction that went unheeded
Referee Neang Sorithya in mid-toss with the captains looking on
Preah Khan Reach, 4-0 winners on the day

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