Monday, April 29, 2013

5-match ban

The tackle in question as both players play the ball simultaneously. Srin is in red.
Have I been living under a stone? I assumed that Ngoy Srin's red card that he received whilst playing for Phnom Penh Crown against Boeung Ket at the beginning of April was the reason he'd missed the last two matches. No, I was wrong. The Crown defender was actually handed a 5-match ban following that game. He received a 1-game ban for the red card, 1-game for clocking up two yellow cards and then a 3-game suspension for insulting behaviour to an opponent. Are the Federation completely bonkers or what? Video evidence clearly shows that Srin's tackle on Chan Vathanaka was fair, both players played the ball simultaneously. The problem stems from Vathanaka rolling on the ground, screaming his usual high-pitched squeal, conning officials as to the severity of the injury. It's something he's been developing over the past couple of seasons and is now quite good at it. Though in this match, the fact was helped by the referee being Yean Kivatana, who has no idea what takes place on the pitch at any time, hence the flashing of a yellow card. In any football match on the planet, the defender would say something to the striker rolling around on the ground, following a fair tackle. It's what happens in the heat of the the moment. Srin probably something along the lines of, "get up, you big girl's blouse," or a variation on that theme. The referee in this case saw an opportunity to make his presence felt, by whipping out his red card and Srin was dismissed for what the official viewed as insulting words. Get a life referee, you cannot be serious by compounding your original error with such a wank action. Your incompetence, combined with Vathanaka's pathetic squealing has caused Srin to miss 5 matches, that his team can ill afford. It beggar's belief.
Photographer Sovanna Kem captures the moment referee Yean Kivatana flashes his yellow card to Ngoy Srin

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