Monday, April 1, 2013

Stop the game!

Referee Tuy Vichheka stands over 2 players with head injuries watching play continue
The only goal of the game between Phnom Penh Crown and Preah Khan Reach on Saturday should not have been allowed. Period. This screen-grab from a video of the match, albeit the quality isn't great, shows referee Tuy Vichheka (in yellow) standing over two players lying prone on the ground, both holding their heads, after a collision involving them and a high foot from Crown keeper Samrith Seiha. FIFA have instructed referees to stop play for any serious injury, especially head injuries as the safety of players must always come first. In this instance, you can see on the video that the referee made a cursory glance at the two prone players, having been thirty yards from the incident when it happened, and simply let play continue, appearing to have no regard for the health of the injured players. Preah Khan reacted quicker than Crown and fourteen seconds later the ball was in the net for the match-winning goal. It's clear that the referee should've blown immediately to stop the game. He didn't. Preah Khan scored and Crown lost the match. You can watch the video highlights, with the incident taking place after 3 mins 29 seconds, @

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