Friday, April 26, 2013


I'm all for getting the word out but when that puke-inducing message is obviously hype and nothing substantive, then it gets immensely irritating. TriAsia Phnom Penh FC are a newly-established club, with Japanese coffee money behind them. They have bought their way into the play-offs later this year where they expect to get promotion to the Metfone C-League for next season. In the meantime, they have been playing a few friendlies. Where the hype begins to grate is that each friendly is given a name of a cup competition and the attempt is to make it appear something much more than it really is, from television and radio coverage to half-time giveaways, music shows and cup final-style presentations at the end of the game. Who are they trying to kid? TriAsia are a team of young players who may do well in the future, but their presentation style is cringeworthy. Their opening game was in the Soken Cup, against a team from Boribo, a small town near the Tonle Sap Lake and they won 7-0 to a loud fanfare. Next they played a Muslim team from Kandal in the Brave Cup, and won 6-1. On Monday next week they meet the U-19 team from Svay Rieng under the auspices of the Sieg Cup. How about they meet NagaCorp, the Hun Sen Cup winners (which is a real competition) and call it The Cup Cup, just to keep the farce going. I'm all for a new team making their way up the football ladder fairly but the hype surrounding TriAsia is simply too much to stomach. It's a marketing strategy gone bonkers. I don't recall Boeung Ket, Senate or AEU making this fuss over nothing when they were seeking to steer a path into the top flight.

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Andy Brouwer said...

In keeping with their cringeworthy approach to promoting football, the TreeAsia team have outdone themselves this time. They have a friendly match against a team from Pursat and they've called it the CamupJob Cup. Have you ever heard anything so crap. Kingdom Beer have come on board and will be selling cheap alcohol at the ground - a recipe for disaster at football grounds around the world.
It really is hype gone mad. I dread to think what the Japanese will come up with if they get into the C-League next season.