Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Two blatant examples

Both players play the ball at the same time yet Srin (red) gets booked, and subsequently dismissed
To say I'm fuming would be a severe understatement. I will post my match report from Phnom Penh Crown's 3-1 defeat by Boeung Ket later but suffice to show you a couple of video screen-grabs as examples of piss-poor decisions by today's referee Yean Kivatana and his linesmen. The top one shows the challenge for the ball on 25 minutes when Ngoy Srin (red) and Chan Vathanaka (white) were involved in a 50-50 tackle, where you can see the ball is played by both players at the same time. The difference is that Vathanaka rolled around on the ground squealing and the referee immediately showed a yellow card to Srin. Words were exchanged and the referee then flashed a red card at Srin, presumably for something he said (Note: The referee's report says he was dismissed for insulting behaviour to an opponent). Fact, the referee got the first decision badly wrong and compounded it by dismissing the Crown defender. Let's just say that Yean Kivatana has a long history of flourishing his favourite red card. The picture below is another screen-grab showing Kouch Sokumpheak (red), the ball having already left his foot, sending a long pass behind the defence to Khim Borey (far left). The linesman flagged and the referee agreed with him that Borey was offside when its clear that he is at least 2 yards onside and its the linesman who's in the wrong place. There was a catalogue of such decisions in today's match. Of course, the FFC should look at the video of the game and take action. I'll be waiting til hell freezes over before I see that day arrive.
Khim Borey (red at left) is clearly well onside yet is denied a goalscoring opportunity by the match officials

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