Sunday, May 6, 2012

After-match chat

Head coach David Booth at the press conference
Phnom Penh Crown's head coach David Booth spoke at the after-match press conference about his team's 8-0 success over the Bhutanese team, Yeedzin. "You don't know how it's going to go in games like this. You set up your own team and try to make sure they start properly. Our biggest problem in the last few weeks is that we've made mistakes early in the game, and it nearly happened again today. We got away with it. I think 8-0 flattered us a little bit, we were still a bit too sloppy at the back at times.
We felt that after 15-20 minutes, their back four was quite square, so we were looking to play 1-2's and round the side of them and it worked well. For this level of competition, I withdrew our two wider players. They are both quite quick. It worked for us today and it gave us a lot of chances in the first-half. I think the Bhutan team suffered with the weather today, it destroyed them really. Our players train in this heat so we are more used to it.
In the second-half, I felt the wind would hold the ball up better for us and I told the team to get the ball up to the front men, support them, more 1-2's, and play behind them as that's where the danger was. We had a lot of chances. If we'd scored more it would've been a little embarrassing.
It will be a different game on Monday against Nepal. We need to tighten up our concentration. We didn't cover each other well enough at the back. We are not the strongest team by a mile - we've got to be very careful. We've got one result, if we can get another win, somehow, whichever way we can, we'll go through. So Monday is a very important game for us. I'd rather win on Monday then need to win on Wednesday.
I don't think Emmanuel will play again in this competition. His injury is far worse than it looks. I think it's a torn calf muscle, it wasn't a kick, just a twist. Sok Pheng got injured as well; he asked to come off just before he scored his goal. He doesn't score easy goals, no tap-in's, he only scores fantastic goals. Tiny also has one or two bumps to sort out."

Hat-trick hero Khim Borey was upbeat after the final whistle. "I'm very happy and excited to score a hat-trick for my club today. It's very important for the team and for my own confidence. I felt our team understood each other, we passed well and co-operated together against the Bhutan team. 8 goals was wonderful but we wanted more. For the next match, the Nepal team is a very good team but both the team and myself will try our very best to win on Monday. We know what we have to do."

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