Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Good game"

David Booth at the aftermatch press conference
Phnom Penh Crown head coach David Booth was upbeat after watching his team lose with virtually the last kick of the game from the penalty spot, against Kyrgyz team Dordoi in tonight's AFC President's Cup tie. "It was a good game by both teams given the conditions. I thought we were quite comfortable for most of the game, we dealt with everything right up until the last thirty seconds. We had a good chance right at the end but we didn't hit the target. We had a few chances to be fair but we've got to make the keeper work, especially in these conditions. I thought we played quite well, we were positive considering the circumstances - it's only 48 hours since we played in the same conditions - so I thought our fitness was good, we just lost concentration at the very last moment.
We can't talk about creative football tonight, any chances came about because the ball was sticking or skidding in and around the box, that created the excitement tonight rather than good play. Should the game have been played - in Asia they'll play it, anywhere else they may've waited until tomorrow. The referee was correct to bring us off in the first-half, it was impossible, it was a danger. It got a bit better and both teams did quite well to make a game of it.
I was happy with 90 minutes but not happy with the last thirty seconds. It was a shame really as it spoiled a lot of hard work. It took a penalty to beat us, other than that it would've been 0-0 and we would be saying we'd done really well. But the penalty takes away a lot of the gloss of the hard work we put in. They've worked hard tonight, put a lot of work in, as well as the other night, so it looks promising if we can continue in this vein.
These are good games for us, against Dordoi and coming up in Singapore, a good test for us. We've played quite well in the last couple of games, which will set us up quite well for the local fixtures when we return from Singapore. Obviously I'm happy to progress [in the AFC President's Cup]. Today's game was probably irrelevant but the players stuck to their guns, they wanted to play, they wanted to keep the pressure on themselves to win, which is encouraging."
Dordoi head coach Sergey Dvoryankov was less happy. "The game was not good because of the weather - the pitch conditions were awful. We couldn't play our normal game. We had the better chances to score but it didn't work for us. We should've had another penalty as well as the one we got. We want to win this cup as we want to play in the AFC Cup competition next year."


The Kh Voices said...

"The pitch conditions were awful" I support to this comment at 100%

One stupid question; Is there any football club in Cambodia questioned the stadium about that?

Anonymous said...

About pitch condition...
Is FFC or any club willing to donate money to improve the drainage system in the stadium ?

Anything... or any project to make the stadium a better condition during the heavy raining.

If we have to buy one big pump water to pour out from the pitch..
FFC should make plan, how much money ??? I belive there are many richest man in the country willing to give some money.

When we play in the soggy field like this, it doesn't look playing football. It likes football playing in the pool..

Seriously, our opponent when they lost, they alway excuse because weather condition or pitch condition.

Andy Brouwer said...

The lack of drainage at the Olympic Stadium is a big concern but little has changed there since it was built. Most pitches anywhere would struggle to cope with the rain that we saw the other day, and whilst its unfortunate that PPCFC had to play two games in bad conditions, its not a problem that will be easily solved, even if you throw money at it. A better solution might be to have the option of playing matches later in the day, under proper floodlights. Then the match could've been postponed for an hour or two and played later. Unfortunately the lux value of the lights at Olympic Stadium is very poor and not good enough for international matches.