Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hip-hop strutting

DJ Kdeb with hat, and his hip-hop crew
You may've caught the hip-hop crews strutting their stuff on the Olympic Stadium pitch during the intervals between games during the recent AFC President's Cup. Music and dance designed for the younger crowd obviously as hip-hop completely passes me by I must admit. One of the crews included DJ Kdeb, who was responsible for the Phnom Penh Crown Theme Song that made a sudden appearance a few months ago, much to my surprise. Kdeb, rated as one of the best DJs in Phnom Penh, rapped the theme song at one of the matches. Regrettably, he wasn't accompanied by Meas Soksophea, who has collaborated with him before, but not on this occasion. At the Dordoi game, before the rains came, the all-male crew were joined by six girls. I'm sure someone enjoyed it. At the first set of matches, a tiny young boy twirling around on his head won the biggest cheer. Bloody dangerous if you ask me. At the ticket-entrance for the main grandstand, there was a large team photo of Crown and fans were able to remove the faces of Khim Borey, Ouk Sothy and Yok Ary and poke their own face through the hole to have their pictures taken. Again, I'm sure someone enjoyed it.
You can see the rain clouds behind this male and female hip-hop crew

You can put your face in the place of Borey, Ary and Sothy

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