Thursday, May 31, 2012

Festival Day 2

The results from day 2 of the AFC U-14 Festival of Football in Malaysia are just in. The bare bones of the results, with matches played over a thirty minute period, are as follows:
Cambodia 1 v 4 Timor Leste - Cambodia goal scored by Kim Hap in the 1st minute.
Cambodia 0 v 2 Thailand
Cambodia 0 v 0 Myanmar.
Head coach Bouy Dary felt that his youngsters began the first game against Timor Leste really well and took an early lead through Preah Khan Reach's Kim Hap, only for the boys to switch off, stop doing as they'd be told and allowed Timor Leste to storm back into the game. Against Thailand, who were bigger in stature as Cambodian are finding most of the teams in this competition, the head coach was suitably impressed by his team, who played good football and the match could've gone either way. It went in favour of Thailand who scored twice, including an own goal. The goalless draw against Myanmar in the final game today was a repeat of yesterday's drawn tie. Dary declared himself happy with the way his team have competed and played, regardless of the results and the Cambodian team have also impressed the other coaches and fans as well, he reports.

The Cambodian youngsters will be involved in a skills test day tomorrow with members of the C-Licence coaching course that is being held simultaneously with the Festival. On Saturday the Cambodian U-14 team move onto the second stage of games, lasting sixty minutes each, with a half-time break. The 22-strong squad will be split into two 11-a-side teams, as it has for the first round of matches, and Team 1 will play in the first-half and Team 2 will change places with them for the 2nd half. 3 substitutions are allowed to any team. The Cambodians meet Myanmar again at 2pm on Saturday and then in the Festival's final day of competition, they come up against the hosts, Malaysia at 10.45am and then finish with a game against Vietnam U-14s at 3.30pm.

The line-ups for the three matches today:
v Timor Leste: Chanvuthy, Phearath, Noeut, Titchhy (capt), Senteang, Chanchav, Ravann, T Chhaya, Nuron, Hap, Sakrovy.
v Thailand: Pheakdey, K Chhaya, Senteang, Baraing, Sovann (capt), Chanpolin, Rosak, Sodavid, Chansopheak (Nuron), Ponvuthy, Muslim.
v Myanmar: Chanvuthy, Phearath, Sovann, Titchhy (capt), Senteang, Chanchav, Sodavid, Ravann, Nuron, Hap, Sakrovy.

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Anonymous said...

let's hope the kids can get at least 1 win in the tournament....
i think the FA should also employ a Psychologists to help the players....
i think many a times, the players get stage fright when they start playing aboard or when they see players whom are bigger or better equip than them... and also most players are mentally weak or have inferior complex... they have the talents but often gets distracted .... what u think andy?