Friday, May 18, 2012

Back of my head

Updating Facebook at last night's Singapore Cup game. Pic Andrew Him
This guerrilla photo was taken behind my back, quite literally. Andrew Him is a photographer from Singapore who popped up to the press-box at the Clementi Stadium last night and sent me this reminder that I spent most of the match updating the Phnom Penh Crown Facebook page or jumping up and down and shouting whenever we scored - not a great idea as I was sat next to the match commissioner though I gave him a copy of the Crown Yearbook to keep him happy. Thanks for the picture Andrew. For the first time in my life I look almost studious.
I had a brief chat with former Crown head coach Bojan Hodak yesterday as his new team, Kelantan from Malaysia are in the Malaysian FA Cup Final this weekend. The people of the province of Kelantan are mad about their football and in two days of going on sale, 30,000 tickets had been snapped up for the final. They are expecting a 90,000 crowd at the national stadium in Kuala Lumpur with Kelantan providing the majority. In fact the provincial authorities have declared Sunday, the cup final day, as a national holiday.


Anonymous said...

So, the provincial authorities are more powerful than the national authorities in Malaysia?

Andy Brouwer said...

Kelantan is a State in its own right and has a Sultan as constitutional they can do what they like in terms of creating a public holiday :-)