Monday, May 31, 2010

All noise no substance

Kirivong's mercurial striker In Vichheka, who netted 3 against Prek Pra
Sunday's C-League matches were noisy but predictable. The noise came mostly from the Prek Pra youngsters who banged their bottles and strained their high voices, whilst the results were as expected. In the first game, Prek Pra offered a bit of resistance until Julius Chukwumeka stabbed in a pass from In Vichheka on 20 minutes. He looked well offside but the assistant referees are a law unto themselves in the C-League and can't even recognise foul throws so there's no hope for technical offside decisions. In Vichheka scored two more before before the break, the 2nd being a tap-in after keeper Yok Ary juggled and dropped the ball onto his foot. Prek Pra suffered a set-back just four minutes after the restart. Sos Sanophy hauled down Vichheka in the box, received a straight red. Vichheka got up, grabbed the ball, plonked it on the spot and coolly lifted the penalty into the roof of the net for his hat-trick. He scored again minutes later but it was ruled out for offside, though I have my doubts. The 2nd half wasn't a classic but Kirivong did enough to cancel out Prek Pra and Chukwumeka scored a 2nd on 78 minutes to make it 5-0 but then fluffed an easier chance to score his hat-trick late on.
Kirivong gave Prek Pra a lesson in finishing, winning 5-nil
Prek Pra Keila brought their enthusiastic young fans with them but failed again

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