Thursday, May 13, 2010

Midweek madness

Sophal Udom (14) argues the toss with ref Yien Kivatanak earlier in the season. Photo: nicksellsphotography
Unable to get to Wednesday's Metfone C-League game I have to rely on others for the facts. And it seems that the heat got to Khemara striker Sophal Udom, who was so incensed by the referee's decision to award a 2nd half penalty to opponents Wat Phnom, that he ran 50 metres to physically attack him from behind, then scarpered off the pitch smartish, jumped the fence and quickly left the ground. As it tuned out Khemara had a bad day, suffering a serious 3-0 loss against a rejuvenated Wat Phnom side - with goals from Phlong Chanthou, Phoeurn Saorum and Put Savuth - who just days before had lost embarrassingly to Chhma Khmao. Udom is one of the better Khmer strikers in the C-League, he plays the game wholeheartedly but he does moan and groan a lot which gets him into trouble with match officials. But this time, he had only himself to blame and for attacking a referee, he should have the book thrown at him. No excuses.

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